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Operation Leopard Claw

This is located in Mount Airy, MD Blog me for more info
OK, so, my name is Jake. I have been put in charge of planning a weekend long airsoft game in the woods near a friend of mine's home. It is not planned til this summer, so I have some time. I will get information on landowner permission, ect.

(no one will be admitted without eye/face protection NO exceptions )

I am a former boy scout, turning 15 april 17th, 2009.

so, keeping this in mind, any advice?
This game is, I suppose, a little bit like large scale backyard game, BUT, we will be responsible, ask about playing on private land. We will be respectable airsofters, and anyone who does not comply with a yet-to-be written terms of agreement, will be rejected from the game

So far, my team has a possible 12 members going. hopefully, by the date of the game, the concept could gain some gravity, more people could come and it could be very fun. The Idea is to arrive at my friend's home, Friday evening, set up team bases/tents, ect. sleep outside, maybe have a quick night game... then a game all day Saturday, a big night game Saturday night, and go home some time before noon on Sunday. I could use some help on packing list revisions, suggestions, ect.

as far as food, a basic menu is being writtten up, and cost will be divided up according to how many people attend


all basic airsoft gear
spare mags
Spare batteries
tent (if you need one)
first aid kit
sleeping bag
sleeping mat
water bottle
dead man rag
spare clothing
backpacking stove, or similar
spare shoes


Bug spray
glow stick (perhaps to tell when you are out in a night game...)
water purification tablets

If anyone is interested in going, the date is undecided as of yet, I will keep you posted.
maybe we could make this game be for a cause, and donate a portion of admission to a charity

thank you,

Jake Oden

The potential is there to make this a full scale airsoft operation