Disturbing The Peace Airsoft Team



i found this poem, brings up some good points:

What is the point?
We have a fragile sport, when people look at us it's easy to feel afraid, to confuse this convincing picture they see.
It's easy to see us as being too real.

They say we're wannabe soldiers. Maybe a few. Some of us do serve, or have.
But that has nothing to do with Airsoft, because it isn't true.

They say we want war, that we love weapons, that we're violent.
Maybe for a few, but it has nothing to with airsoft, it just isn't true.

They say we're strange, losers, people who can't get a date.
Maybe for a few, but it has nothing to do with airsoft, it just isn't true.

We're here to sweat, we feel pain, and we want to feel a moment that we made something happen.
We want to play hide and seek with our friends, to laugh and split a meal.
We come here to feel counted on, and be surprised.
We come because we want to see what wish for but don't expect - something extraordinary,
And to share a beer, a meal with someone who you traded shots with, laugh, and be real, does kick the arse of ordinary.
We're so far from wanting any other kind of real.

It's human to think, what if, and we know we don't want to feel this as real.
A BB hits us, and something groans inside, and makes us human. We feel something trigger, and we're out. For an instant we feel something change.
War won't top our list of things we desire, but we can understand why we honor the ghosts who have been there
They're human we hold, we tell the echoes they're not alone. They're people, in care, a connection.

Airsofters don't intend this, maybe a few,
but to stop a moment, to feel, to think,
I hope it's agreed, that we all in some way, seriously do.

If there's a serious spirit to us, I hope this is it, I hope this is what becomes Airsoft mainstream.
Fun, food, friends, a challenge, a little spirit of empathy.

We're alive and human again