Disturbing The Peace Airsoft Team

Grenade review 05/31/2009

Hey guys, I just got the snicker mkII airsoft grenade (thanks to SavI on maapr!) url:   http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/accessories/dummy-model/snicker-360-gas-powered-mkii-grenade.html
the review is here- http://www.maapr.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=11061


tons of new stuff I found, great stuff, first thing, a few airsoft magazines

airsoft digest magazine- http://airsoftdigest.typepad.com/airsoft_digest/   (they have a great article on mofsets here- http://airsoftdigest.typepad.com/airsoft_digest/2009/05/the-workshop-budget-mosfet.html#more
U.S.A.S.O.C.- http://www.officialusasocmagazine.com/Home.html   (this is great, tactics,reviews, how tos, ect.)

also, some info I have gathered-I have pages upon pagess of tactics, hand signals, exercises, ect. just comment for more info

OP: Dark light 04/27/2009

The next op our team may be going to, it is may ninth. this is a night op at paintball sportsland in fredrick. TRACERS OR A FLASHLIGHT ARE HIGHLY RECCOMENDED
the cost of admission is $30 though if you preregister with paypal by may 8th, the cost is $25. the link to the op site is here-   http://darktemplarknights.com/darklight/

send any questions/ rsvp ect. to:  odenboyz@aol.com,  subject:  dark light


This is jake...YES!!!! Chad and I will be attending bad karma, and chris says He might be able to go! this will be awesome

OP: Bad karma 04/08/2009

This is jake. I may be attending OP:Bad Karma on the 18th. More info can be found at maapr.com and outdoor adventures website. this sounds cool, and will be my first big op. pre registration ends midnight on the 12th??  25$ and you need to use bio bbs.

I would love to go, it is the day after my birthday, and I will have loaded out on the 17th

EDIT: I don't think I can go... ;C

Just Checking 04/05/2009

This is chad checkin if it is working.